The Flaming Rose
"I suggest you give me that."
Nationality United Republic of Nations
Ethnicity Fire Nation
Age 26
Hair Black Born February 25
Gender Male
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Profession Leader of Malefic Triad
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Bara is a firebender that was born in Republic City, and currently running a crime organization there. Bara is a Master Firebender and with this being said this proves he is not your normal "mobster", as most mobsters aren't this skilled in bending.


Not much is known about this mysterious Bara. The biggest mystery about this mysterious Bara though, are his eyes, which are blood red, and has the appearance of 3 black tomoes.


Bara is a serious bender, who is serious in his job and anything else he does. Although a mobster, he has a kind heart, and will do anything to protect his comrades.



Bara is a master at bending, being able to do very advanced firebending techniques that have never been seen before. With this being said, it shows that he is also a master at bending, because he created firebending techniques better than the previous ones.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Bara can move at intense speeds, with his footsteps moving rapidly. To match with his speed, he has enhanced reflexes and enhanced agility. Bara is also an expert at combat being able to match up to people in close combat situations.