The Avatar
Nationality Earth Kingdom
Ethnicity Earth Kingdom
Age 14
Hair Black Born March 18
Gender Male
Allies None Yet
Enemies None Yet
Profession The Avatar
Relatives Unknown
Debut October 8, 2012
Portrayed by DK
Fighting Style(s) Earthbending
Avatar Kakutsuchi was born and raised in the Earth Kingdom, and is the immediate successor of Avatar Korra. He currently resides in Republic City.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Kakutsuchi has always had a love for bending when he was young. Pulling pranks on people with his earthbending ever since he was three years old. When he was five he Order of the White Lotus found him pulling a prank on someone. The Order of the White Lotus knew he was the Avatar so they took him to Republic City for training.


Kakutsuchi is intelligent and is very serious. Although serious he has a strong sense for humor and is a huge prankster who loves making jokes. He is also very merciless though telling things straight out to people without guilt of breaking the person's feelings.



Kakutsuchi is a natural Earth Bender. He has used it for pulling pranks and has used it in his Avatar Training.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Kakustuchi has natural intelligence being surprising since he acts like a fool. This often puts people in disbelief when he says something intelligent. Kakutsuchi also has superior strength and 20/20 vision. Not only does he have 20/20 vision but his hearing is amazing.