The Celestial Wind
Nationality Republic City
Ethnicity Air Nomad
Age 28
Hair Orange Born July 20th
Gender Male
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Profession Jeweler
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Portrayed by Ezio
Fighting Style(s) Airbending
Lyonel is an airbender who currently resides in Republic City, running a jewelry shop.


Lyonel is a handsome young man of average height, distinguished by his delicate facial features and his orange hair. His hair is kept in a mildly short, spiky cut, with spiky strands covering his forehead, and other, longer ones jutting upwards from the top of his head. He wears a green coat with a wide collar, complete with prominent, spiky, brownish white fur trimming lining the hood, over a light red shirt covered in many flower-like motifs, black pants and whitish sneakers, each adorned by a pair of light green stripes.



Lyonel is a skilled airbender being able to release it in many different colors giving him his alias the Celestial Wind. He does this by channeling his spiritual energy through it.